RISD launches“RISD-ICT4D”

Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development launched its“RISD-ICT4D”. The system will help in research for RISD, and support Justice Sector through Abunzi in mapping, monitoring, recording, analyzing and reporting of land related disputes and mediation mechanismsat the grassroots. The tool will also support local leader in mapping and recording disputes through Community Focal Persons. The launch dubbed “RISD ICT4D” took place on the 14th of December, 2016at Umubano, Hotel in Kigali.
RISD is implementing Securing Land Rights Program(SLRP)since 2012. The overall objective of the SLRPis to contribute to the effectiveness and inclusiveness of the Rwanda Land Reform implementation process for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Peace as a basis for Food Security of Rwandans who depend on land for their livelihood. This is mainly achieved through monitoring and analyzing land related disputes and Mediation Mechanism and their evolution, in order to provide reliable data for policy contribution towards strengthening the dispute management mechanism and related policies. SLRP is implemented in 11 districts spread over the 5 Provinces of the country: (Kigali City) Gasabo, Nyarugenge and Kicukiro Districts; (Southern Province) Kamonyi, Muhanga and Nyaruguru Districts; (Northern Province)Musanze and Gakenke; (Western Province)Rubavu and Karongi; and (Eastern Province)Kirehe. Phase one (SLRP-1) was implemented in 5 sectors of each project district, implemented in 2012-2014. The Phase 2 of the project (SLRP-2) which started in July 2015 ends in December 2018, and covers all Sectors (144) and all Cells (747) in the 11 districts.
One of the challenges faced in SLRP-1 was the management of large amounts of data. To address this, this is how the RISD-ICT4D Tool idea was initiated. Hence, the SLRP-2, is ICT led, through the newly internally developed ‘RISD-ICT4D’ Tool – ‘RISD Copy Right’. The system is designed to enable timely data collection, analysis and production of reports. Where it has been piloted on Abunzi in Kimironko Sector, Gasabo District, has proved an ideal tool for Abunzi, as Mr. MUREGO Eugene, President of Nyagatovu Abunzi Committee states that: “It’s evident that reporting procedures is made easier; Any time anywhere one get materials uploaded, saved on phone and send the report not going to work place; Most interesting as Abunzi, we can access our work from the main server where all reports are submitted, using password; It’s easy to access information, at any time its needed by relevant institutions; And, if merged with other reporting trends, mediator’s work load can significantly reduce; Our information is also more safely stored.” During the launch Director, Annie Kairaba said that, “RISD was going ICT because the world is moving fast due to ICT and we can't afford to be left behind. We need to use ICT for RISD to reach all Rwandans who depend on Land for their livelihood. Before in our Securing Land Rights Program phase-1, we didn't use ICT and we had challenges in managing huge data. She also urged the audience that, RISD –ICT4D is for RISD copyright, anyone who would need to use the system will need to request for permission from RISD, to access it”.“We have given Abunzi books to use but we found out that information sharing issues was persistent. That is why we came up with the idea to develop this tool through which the analysis and sharing could be carried out using technology”. She added RISD-ICT4D has also been designed to be an interactive facility that allowsthe sharing of information among stakeholders. For example, NGOs supporting Access to Justice in MINIJUST have already agreed to set up an exchange of information group for information and experience sharing, instead of relying only on physical meetings, which are hard with today time pressure challenge – a global issue, observes Annie Kairaba.
During the launch, RISD had the honor of bidding farewell to the outgoing RISD Chairperson of the Board, Bishop GASATURA Nathan Kamusiime, who has been leading the organization for good 7 years. One of his many achievements was leaving behind ‘RISD as an ICT driven agency’.‘I couldn’t leave RISD as the Chairperson, before seeing this Tool in reality, now I leave in confidence in terms of Sustainability Initiatives in this country – I will keep asking Professor how good the baby is growing up’. Said Bishop Gasatura Nathan Kamusiime the outgoing RISD Chairman of Board.RISD welcomed on board Prof. Silas Lwakabamba as the new Chairman of Board.
The new chairman of RISD board Prof,Lwakabamba Silas acknowledged the welcome from RISD and for the appointment on the chair saying,he was humbled and will do his best and went ahead to appreciate Director Annie,RISD team and Bishop Gasatura for the impressive job he’s left behind. “ICT is quite a good cause,we need evidence to inform policy matters and want to thank the Netherlands Embassy for the continued support”. He added..
Check out the Q & A session with the out going Chairman of the board of RISD Bishop,Gasatura Nathan Kamusiime.And visit our flickr page for the pictures of the launch.