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The outgoing chairman of the board Bishop.Gasatura Nathan Kamusiime shares his experience while in RISD

24 DECEMBER 2016 Outgoing RISD Chairperson-Bishop Gasatura Nathan Kamusiime Outgoing RISD Chairperson (Bishop Gasatura Nathan Kamusiime) – had this to say to us;

1. Could you provide a brief anecdote about your first encounter with RISD?

The ANECDOTE about my FIRST Encounter with RISD was: A unique Life-line service Provider with a unique NICHE

2. What motivated you to become a chairperson?

The MOTIVATING rationale why I took-up the challenge of taking on the Leadership of RISD...was; its inspirational leadership & management...championed by Annie and her Team!!!

3. From your perspective as a bishop, what makes land such a crucial and important issue in Rwanda?

Beyond being a Bishop...but also as Patriotic Rwandan...global 'educated' Citizen...LAND is not only a LIFE-LINE economic RESOURCE in Rwanda...but similarly...in New York...Paris...London...Sydney and Tokyo...since even the Tallest skyscraper Real estates...stand on LAND..Hence with Land you cannot go wrong if you're a visionary & strategic THINKER!!!!

4. Could you share the most significant experiences and milestones of RISD during your time chairing the organization?

Some of the most significant experiences and milestones maybe many and may include but not limited to;
i) Partnership launches with the following:
-The Chief Ombudsman's Office
-The Ministry of Justice
-The City of Kigali
-The Natural Resources Authority

ii) The LAUNCH of and effective management of the 'Right to Land access'...funded mainly by the Dutch Embassy..One Landmark Program that I believe revolutionized the Land issues nationally....

5. How do you perceive the relationship between RISD and the communities / grass roots?

I perceive the relationship between RISD& the Target Communities as an excellent one!!

6. What was most rewarding about your service? (Achievements, both professional and personal)

Some of the most rewarding dimensions achievements (Professional & personal) include;
- Growing RISD'S Operational BUDGET to some heights (The management can provide Tangible details)
- The excellent collaborative...strategic partnerships and linkages were nurtured to the extent of RISD rising to what I may term; 'Professional international and diplomatic 'FAMILY' ties....
- I love and enjoy to work with systems that MOVE...and GROW....I totally get frustrated with systems that are stagnant...RISD I'd far from that!!!

7. How do you perceive the transition of Rwanda as a country since you became a chairperson?

The National TRANSITION since becoming Chair includes the fact that Rwanda is fast-tracking becoming a Middle-income..service-driven...technology-savvy nation...whereby I have watched my Country...fast becoming..an urbanizing Country..where Land has certainly gained exponential Value...plus..plus..

8. What do you consider being the main changes in the land sector since you became a chairperson? In your view, what did RISD contribute to these changes?

Part of the indispensable positive changes in the Land Sector..in which I believe RISD played a crucial role..include;
-The effective way of resolving Land-related Conflicts especially at the grassroots levels!!!
-Secondly..for effective Land registration..regulation and Land Policy implementation processes as well as turning Land resource into an ECONOMIC ASSET...

9. Why do you think ICT is an important new tool for RISD? Which features make ICT4D an exceptional tool in the work with communities on land disputes?

The Crucial role for ICT 4D is to accelerate the effectiveness..efficiency and expediency of service care delivery..smartly in line with our National Vision-2020....soon...to be revamped into VISION 2050!!!

10. In your view, what will be important (land related, socio-economic) developments in the future that RISD should follow and monitor in the next years? (Urbanization, etc.)

In terms of the future Land-related socio-economic developments that may characterize RISD'S interventions should certainly and consistently be INFORMED by the progressive Land-related Policies..to be partly informed by RISD'S solid and robust track-record of research & documentation. ..
-Secondly...I proposed RISD keeps being Pro-actively engaged at the forefront of; Land Policy research to fast-track global..regional and national urbanization changes..so as to inform Policy formulation that could target the mainly Vulnerable groups especially those losing LAND to the expansion Plans of the City & Town MASTER PLANS..so as to leverage NEGOTIATING Powers for viable Expropriation LAND PRICES....adequate to provide..comfortable future Relocations for such vulnerable Population...
-The above Policy Positions will not only serve such a vulnerable Proportion of our Population economically. ..but it will also serve to Add VALUE to our national POLITICAL stability!!!

11. Do you have your own vision for RISDs future development, which you would like to share with us?

Finally....my envisaged RISD unique NICHE positioning...indeed as my VISION for my beloved RISD.....as a Champion and Leader in this Natural resource Expert management is;
-For RISD to establish a 'TRAINING CENTER & INSTITUTE of EXCELLENCE'...where all the developed resources over 19 good years can be leveraged through capacity building throughout the Region...and not just RWANDA!!
-For RISD to establish its own HOME...whereby there can be envisaged Residential facilities for the Trainees & Trainers...
The TWO Elements above should be envisaged as RESOURCE GENERATING...for the future sustainability of the Organization.........

Bishop Gasatura Nathan Kamusiime

Outgoing RISD Chairperson