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Rwanda Natural Resource Authority (RNRA)

RISD been working in the area of land with the Ministry of Lands since 1998. RISD in partnership with LandNet Rwanda Chapter and DFID support in the formulation of the the Land Policy that was passed in 2004 and the Organic Land Law of 2005 and recently reviewed in 2013. In particular, RISD and partners worked on influencing the government to include the concerns of the women and other vulnerable groups in both the land policy and the organic land law. This engagement contributed to inclusive legal framework and open space for civil society engagement in the land reform process. This marks the success of Rwanda land reform – the capacity to develop and sustain tripartite partnership: government, civil society and development partners. Since 2007, RISD is accompanying the Land Tenure Regularization Process (LTRP) in the area of monitoring the nature and evolution of land related disputes; monitoring and strengthening the mediation mechanism in particular as relates to land related disputes.