RISD@20 - RISD's 20th Anniversary

01st July 2016

RISD celebrates her 20th year of operation in Rwanda in July this year. Looking back, RISD started with a “social laboratory” project in support of the Government of Rwanda’s developmental program to re-integrate returnees after the 1994 genocide. Returnees were supported at that time with capacities to rebuild their lives through enabling mechanisms for their resettlement (vigillization), livelihood security, including capacities to do climate smart agricultural practices.

RISD considers that nascent project as a labor of love, achieved through joint efforts from all sectors of the society--- the Government, the civil society and the spirit of volunteerism. It catapulted RISD’s pursuance of sustainable development where land matters are paramount. For RISD, the job of advocating for land rights and the cross-cutting concerns on institutions of mediation, gender equality, women’s empowerment, climate change adaptation, livelihood security and natural resources management require small but giant steps; however, the benefits of positively impacting the lives to better all sectors of society, most particularly the marginalized and the vulnerable, is beyond monetization.

The passion for doing work that makes a difference--- either through action research in the communities, policy and information advocacy, networking, and building partnerships that adapt with change--- is both heart and mind. A passion that is epitomized by RISD Director, Ms. Annie Kairaba.